"In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world" John 16:33

Children's Ministry Frequently Asked Questions


KIDSTYLE is about Jesus.It’s about music and other arts that teach your children to praise and adore the Lord which is a very necessary component of true worship.  It’s also about hot dogs, special cupcakes and other treats each week.

What is SuperBook® Academy?

Well to start with, the “super book” is the Bible.  SuperBook® is a video and content rich Web based curriculum. The Academy at Elah is composed of several weekly Bible learning opportunities our church provides that allows children to move in a chronological sequence from Genesis to Revelation, from the creation of the universe to the return of Jesus Christ and the end of time.  All lessons are designed to help children grasp the amazing story of God’s love for them and show Christ to be at work with His people in every book of the Bible.

Each Sunday morning, the Academy will advance to the next great Bible story using the familiar Vacation Bible School (VBS) format and will continue weekly through next year’s VBS  .It should take about three years to teach your children all the great stories in the Bible and bring them to a point where they can reaffirm or accept the “Jesus of the Bible,” as their personal Savior. Our desire is to arm your children with the Bible knowledge they will need to defend their faith in an increasingly hostile culture.

What is Kid’s Church?

Kid’s Church is a Bible story and object lesson based class that meets while the sermon is being preached.  Children enter the Sanctuary at 10:55 AM each Sunday morning with their parents and remain there during the Welcome, Prayer, Call to Worship, Congregational Singing, Receiving of Tithes and Offerings and Choir Special.  An announcement will be made for Kid’s Church at which time younger children will follow a teacher out of the Sanctuary.

Note from Pastor Ken:  As parents, you must decide if your child can benefit from hearing the Word preached.  No two children reach the age of accountability at the same time.  So encourage them to stay for the sermon, but if you sense they are not yet capable of understanding the call of Jesus on their life send them to Kid’s Church, they will hear about Jesus there also.